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Inspiring a Brand: Faltrego Films' Top 20 Cornerstone Videos

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Back when Faltrego Films launched in October 2018, a mentor at the time set me to the task of compiling a list of 20 videos that inspired me personally; videos that spoke to me as a filmmaker and that together would come to form the basis of Faltrego Film's narrative and aesthetic identity.

It was the single most useful task.

These videos have become a cornerstone, and what I personally look back on every now and again to remind me of what Faltrego Films stands for and aspires towards.

Without further ado, here is my list of my Top 20 Cornerstone Videos.

1. Supersymmetry | Film by Trent Jaklitsch

One of my favourite videos, ever! I'm a big fan of poetic voiceover married with archive material. Macro and micro: highly emotive and personal narrative juxtaposed with epic, cosmic imagery. In short, I love space and astronauts.

2. Berlei Womankind | Film by Kim Gehrig Awesome messaging. Again great integration of archive with original live action footage.

3. You’re Dead, America | Poem by Danez Smith | Film by Jovan Todorovic Amazingly important and political topic with incredible poetic storytelling. Once again, wonderful integration of archive footage. And filmed with gorgeous grain!

4. Girl Like Us Molly Perkins | Film by Sing J. Lee

Feminism and film grain. A kickass girl that inspires us all. What's not to love?

5. MENTORS: Hillary Allen | Film by The North Face

6. MENORS: Ruth Beatty | Film by The North Face

Love the use of split screen and outright reflexivity of these two documentaries for The North Face, Nick Broomfield would surely approve. And then I'm just a plain sucker for light refraction and shooting through glass (the reason I take my prism with me everywhere!)

7. Muladh an Óige | Film by Scott Carthy

A great ethnographic. Always great to have such a real sense of character and environment. Love the split screen again, of course.

8. Memaw | Film by Christian Schultz

We should all make films about our grandmas, let's be honest, Hugely personal and highly emotive; a wonderful character-driven film.

9. Project Alive Finn | Film by Caravan

Highly emotive. Love stories about families and children.

10. Subaro 'Love' | Film by Trent Jaklitsch

Another great film by Trent Jaklitsch. Clever storytelling and again highly emotive.

11. Making movement with my body | Film by Zika Liu

Incredible use of steadicam. Super smart camera techniques and gorgeous editing.

12. Born Feminist | Film by Sally Beauty

Great messaging, Great use of speed and tempo changes. Excellent lighting and colour. Sucker for light flares and glitching. Love the integrated typography.

13. Pat's Story | Film by Freedom Aged Care Ok so if you're after glossy, gorgeous actuality this is the video. Beautiful portrait shots. Shiny, shiny.

14. Human | Film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand One of my favourite films. This is the most perfect use of a studio setting.

15. The Somniloquist | Film by Adam Rosenberg

A great video with a social experiment at it's crux. Great mix of live action and kinetic typography.

16. SHELTER Human Stories from Central America | Film by Matthew K. Firpo

It's raw human stories that make a film compelling. Love Matthew K. Firpo for documenting social injustice without frills. Wonderful use of angles to protect the contributors and great sensitive storytelling in its purest form.

17. Animated Minds: Stories of Postnatal Depression | Films by Mosaic Films Some seriously important storytelling. Amazing personal narratives and beautiful animation.


18. Part Time Heroes : A Sea Shepherd Documentary | Film by Quentin van den Bossche

What a story, touching upon environmental and sustainability issues and all beautifully shot. Some great aerial and underwater shots. Gorgeous.

19. Challenger | Film by KOINRUSH

Cool vintage grain and film stock, with an awesome colour grade, One seriously good-looking film.

20. Chasing the Baja 1000 | Film by KOYO

A great example of how big brands can use reflexive documentary to create an awesome viral film. The film shows the importance of 'the journey' as part of the narrative and reflexive documentary can makes this possible. Nice and personal too. KOYO is also an amazing filmmaker.

What's your favourite?

Do you agree or disagree? Are there any techniques in these films that you would like to try our for your campaign film? Let me know your thoughts on these videos, and even your favourite out of the bunch, in the comments or on social media. Instagram: @faltregofilms

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