Mary-Laine Friday

Founder & Creative Producer

I'm Mary-Laine, a London-based filmmaker with a background in broadcast television, independent documentary and branded film and video production.

After working on short documentaries, freelancing for various agencies and working as an in-house video producer, I decided to set up Faltrego Films to cater to the video needs of charities, NGOs, non-profits and social enterprises, helping organisations and brands tell stories for important social change. 

With an academic background in human sciences and science communication, I'm passionate about telling stories centred on health and social issues. Most importantly, though, I'm passionate about people and their lived experiences. I have had the pleasure and privilege of meeting some incredible people, all of whom have bravely and passionately spoken on out on issues ranging from social injustice, to mental health, to domestic violence.

Championing female-led creativity in a traditionally male-dominated industry, I work with a trusted band of regular creative freelancers who are brought on board on a project-by-project basis. This allows us to be incredibly agile and provide end-to-end full-service video production that's affordable and at the same outstanding quality as larger production houses and agencies. 

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Ami Bogin is a Kalmyk-American freelance animator who is currently based in Berlin. She has previous experience in education-based animations, teaching everything from mindfulness to physics for all age groups. Recently she animated on a BBC documentary project due out in the spring on the lived experience of children of colour coping with racism in the UK. Environmental and social issues drive her work and she's passionate about giving voice and visuals to issues that need it most. While living in London, she volunteered as an English teacher at a social centre for migrants.

At Faltrego Films, Ami has worked as designer and animator for a series by The Encephalitis Society and the History of Radiation for Cancer Research UK. 

Hi I’m Rianne and I’m a London-based freelance illustrator. Originally my background is in Fine Art, which I studied at Central St Martins, and since graduating I developed an interest in illustration. This passion led me to create @RageAgainstThePencil_ where I sell feminist-based digital art prints with a twist of humour that focus around a renaissance painterly style collaged with modern themes.

Since working with Faltrego Films I have been exploring my illustration style and working with clients to create vector-based illustrations and carousels for social media. Currently I’m in the process of moving my illustrations towards creating 2D based animations that will incorporate similar themes around feminism as in my previous illustrations.

Miritte is a Bristol-based 2D motion graphics animator and designer, specialising in motion work for the arts, culture, charity and education sectors, and particularly passionate about social and environmental causes. She has created Extinction Rebellion's viral animations narrated by keira Knightley and Naomie Harris, and scored by Brian Eno, and worked for - among others - Fund Our Future, University of Bath’s Institute of Coding, UKRI, Delft University of Technology and 66 East exhibition Space. 

With Faltrego Films, she has worked on a crowdfunding campaign for the vegan sneaker brand Po-Zu, and for Women for Women International's International Women's Day animations.

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